4 Easy Steps To Get Your Permit or Renew Your Permit

  1. Pick your course package option below
  2. Take the course
  3. Print your certificate
  4. Schedule a time to shoot your live fire qualification

It's That easy!

After you complete your on-line training go to www.finaloption.com and reserve a date and time to do your live fire qualification.

We offer multiple qualification dates every month at Metro Gun Club

You can pick the date and time that's convenient and works best for your schedule!

We also offer the optional Florida Non-Resident Carry Permit Certification. This add-on certification is conducted when you do your live fire qualification.

Gun Rental and Ammunition

We also offer gun rental/ammunition packages to complete your live fire session. Metro Gun Club also has ammunition available for sale for your own firearms if needed at the time of qualification.

Convenience of our online training

Final Option respects that your time is important and hard to balance in today's world.

When you sign up for our carry course you will have 30 days to complete it. This way you can split the course up into small blocks between busy lives and things like family, work and kids commitments.

Its all about what works for your schedule!

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